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Sole Agent

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ARAB COOLING & TRADING CO. ACTCO was established in 1990 by Engineer / Ahmad al-Sisi and Engineer / Osama Abdel Moneim , where the company began to operate in the Egyptian market in the field of refrigeration, freezing and preserving fruits so as to contribute to the following: -

Fill the gap in import and export of fruits and vegetables .
Reducing losses of these products.
Maintain the quality of the product for a long time .

Has been making great effort to try to reach the desired level to meet the needs of the Egyptian market of refrigerators, freezers and cooling with high capacities .
Through the company's contribution to the introduction of new technology such as acts of PRE-COOLING multi-purpose, as well as the introduction of systems CA + MA , a hardware control and measurement inside the refrigerator to reach maximum prolonged storage of the product .
The company is also keen on diversity conservation methods and control for other products does not use the cooling method, such as keeping Balah half dryer SEMI DRIE-DATES in refrigerators areas and oases of Siwa and elsewhere .

During this period the company was able under its successful management to access to the confidence of major international companies and has become the sole agent of " Bon BOHN" American refrigeration equipment in the Arab Republic of Egypt .

It also became the sole agent of "DAVID BISHOP - INSTRUMENTS" English for measurement and control devices for refrigerators and atmosphere control and prolong the storage period of the product.